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             YOU NEVER                                TAKE OFF!"




 true gentleman’s experience

When it comes to high-end men’s grooming, New York gentlemen choose to book an appointment for beard trims, haircuts, and shave at our private studio.

We combine superb service and relaxed atmosphere — our studio accepts one client at a time; our rustic vibe and cozy chair help you feel more comfortable. After all, the goal is to not just make you look and feel good, but also extremely relaxed and definitely refreshed!

At Mensch studio, we study your personal style and overall look to determine what best matches your image. You can rest assured that you will come out more confident than ever with your new hair style, whether it is a classic cut or an edgy ‘do.

Our services also come with complimentary drinks like coffee, soda, water and alcoholic beverages.

All services are performed in a private hair studio in New York.


Gentleman's Cut 

Here at Mensch studio, we believe that a person's look must correlate with their image. From classic & contemporary haircuts long layered styles to shorter edgier cuts,  fades and sharp lined-up styles we bring our clients diverse expertise from all around the globe.

Giving you the appearance you came in for is only the beginning, it is our duty as professionals to inform you about other best possible styles, versatility, and easy maintenance and care which will go hand-in-hand with your image.  Stay in control of your haircut, gradual step &  precision cutting is our approach. Let's ease you into your look  The shape is extremely important. We start with the shape of a person's head and continue to face.

the proper shape will emphasize desired features while toning down less desired attributes. Whether you want to compliment or contrast your natural features, we at  Mensch Studio will help you make the right choice.  Tell us your style, and we will perfect it. 

( shampoo & hot towel Included for all Haircuts) 



beard trim

With the ever-growing popularity of beards, it’s only natural that men need somewhere to go to make  sure their facial hair is always looking great. At Mensch , we offer the luxurious services necessary to keep your beard looking its best so that you can feel confident, well-groomed, and clean. 

Bring your beard back to glory.

 Our beard trim and shape helps tame wild whiskers, muscle mustaches back into shape.


Signature Shave

Face or scalp

With our unique combo of classic & modern shaving, we take your shave to the next level.  We want to make sure your skin is ripe for the razing.

With a warm towel, eucalyptus, mint, and other,  we naturally exfoliate the dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin with natures nourished oils.  

This combination  allows your skin the sustenance it needs to stay healthy and look great. 

Pre-shave oil  : Creates a protective barrier between the skin and the razor blade to allow      

a smooth glide. Hot Vapor: The effects of direct steam soften the beard, open pores and 

cleanse the skin for a closer and comfortable shave. Shaving Cream &  A creamy lather for an extra gentle shave. Aftershave Mask: Absorbs toxins and impurities while tightening the pores and replenishing essential nutrients lost during the shaving process.

Aftershave Balm & Moisturizer Applied as part of a therapeutic rub, it relaxes the facial muscles and helps increase blood flow to the surface of the skin leaving you looking and feeling great!  


 Hair & Beard

Gentleman's Cut & Signature Shave

 If you are looking for the royal treatment, full-service cut and shave are just what  you are looking for. We will start with a specifically designed & styled cut at your request followed by our signature hot shave. It's a total overhaul to enhance your  appearance. This unique take on an old combination will have you looking and feeling great in just one hour.    


* N.Y.C & N.Y taxes %8.875 APPLICABLE

* all sales are final

* service only via booking,  no walk-ins

* booking online only 

* phone is prohibited during haircut

* service will not be possible for late arrival

* shampoo is an integral part of a haircut





MENSCH by Doron Bartfeld

Doron Bartfeld is a New York City-based hairstylist who has redefined the standards of men’s grooming. He seamlessly blends the principles of traditional barbering and hairdressing for men. As such, people consistently book appointments for the sought-after signature service at his hair salon for men in New York.

Hairstyling Influence from Around the World

Doron is a curious individual continuously seeking educational opportunities in different parts of the globe. He has seen what the world can offer and is eager to learn more. This encouraged him to live in different countries, immersing in varying cultures and discovering the best way to work with different types of hair texture and density. He made Thailand his home for years before settling in New York.

While based in Bangkok, Doron spent five years running his own unisex salon and eventually focusing on men’s grooming. His keen eye for style and unique precision cutting approach allowed him to experiment with soft texturing and layering. Now, he has honed his techniques to make your hair look its best.

Unmatched Hair Services and Style

When Doron put up his men’s hairstyling studio in New York, he wanted to showcase a wide range of creativity to match every man’s taste. He didn’t want to be confined to the masculine trappings of traditional barbershops, so he established a private studio that offers unmatched service and style. This extends to the studio’s interiors.

Expect industrial vintage vibe when you step into the studio. You will immediately want to sink into the fully automatic, ultra-comfortable chair and let Doron transform your hair. The studio only accepts one client at a time, allowing us to focus on your hair and create your best overall look.


The Haymarket Building

135 West 29th St,      New York, NY 10001


12 Floor, Studio 1200

Tel: 646-820-1211


Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

Sat - Sun: closed


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