Men’s Hair Studio in New York

Doron Bartfeld is gifted with a keen eye for style and precision. He has traveled around the world to learn about different types of cutting technics and to hone his craft. After living around the globe, he harnessed his ability in diverse hair textures and types. He moved to Bangkok, Thailand for five years to explore his creative opportunities in the hair industry.

While living in Bangkok, Doron ran his own unisex salon. It was there that he realized his passion for men’s grooming. When he moved to the US, he decided to open a private studio in New York that redefines men’s grooming.

Our private hair studio is increasingly popular among the gentlemen of New York because our professional hairstylist seamlessly blends traditional barbering and high-end hairdressing. In addition, we make each client feel right at home, with a comfortable chair and complimentary drinks, from a hot drink to an alcoholic beverage.

Over the years, Doron has developed a different approach for our full-service cut and shave services which lets our clients grow out their hair comfortably and easily. We provide classic and contemporary haircuts, face and scalp shaving, beard trimming and shaping, and a combination of our gentleman’s cut and signature shave.

Doron’s signature style has redefined hair grooming for men. That aside, he pays close attention to your hairstyle preferences and incorporate that in our craft. Indeed, our private men’s salon in New York City offers an unmatched caliber of service and style.

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What is the definition of mensch?!



It is sounds like a male term, but it comes from the German word for  "human being"

An upstanding, worthy, honorable adult person of either sex can be a mensch.

Yiddish connotation  of    “mensch” “מענטש‎"

A mensch is a person of integrity and honor, a gentleman, someone you really like and admire, someone of noble character, rectitude , dignity, responsible and with a  sense of what is right.

  • Your neighbor who offers you a ride to work every time he notices that you've missed your bus again is a mensch.

  • Look at this guy opens the door car for the lady what a mensch.

  • This guy at work always helping me out what a mensch.

NYC Street connotation OF MENSCH:

  • “Cut your hair be ….. A mensch".

  • “look at your beard it needs to be groomed, how you want to be a mensch looking like this “