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Book Our Professional Combination of Haircut and Beard Trim Services in New York


Never underestimate the importance of a good haircut and a clean shave. The way you style your hair and beard is pivotal to how the world sees you — but more than that, it boosts your confidence and lets you walk around with a self-assured gait. For this reason, we provide professional haircuts and beard shaving services in New York that make you look your finest any day of the week.


How We Work


Doron Bartfeld, our professional barber and hairstylist, is known for his seamless blend of traditional barbering and high-end male hairdressing. He believes that men’s care and grooming are integral in discovering the best version of one’s self. As such, he has developed a different approach for our full-service cut and shave services.

Doron uses precision cutting, soft texturing and layering techniques that let you grow out your hair without any issue. He has traveled and worked all around the globe gaining him an experience with diverse types of hair texture and density throughout the years. You can be sure that he knows how to handle your hair and shape your beard for optimal style and sleekness.

Why Choose Us


You can expect us to style and design your hair as requested and that’s not the only thing you can expect from us. Check these out:

  • Private Studio: Our private studio accommodates one client at a time so all attention is on you.

  • Innovative Services: We stay updated with styling trends that are focused on men.

  • Comfortable Space: Our rustic interiors and cozy chair help you relax at the studio.


Get a gentleman’s haircut and signature shave at our stylish studio. The transformation will make you feel great and look your best in just one hour.

Book an Appointment

After your haircut and shave session in our New York studio, you will come out looking like the best version of yourself. Book an appointment with us today.

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