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When we see a man with a modish yet smart haircut somewhere in our heart we do want that hairstyle for ourselves and the other thought that appear in our mind is “next time when I am getting a haircut I want this look.” Little do we know that not every haircut is for us. A haircut that looks chic and fashionable on someone might not necessarily be adequate for your face shape. And even if few of us knew this before majority of them still do not know the answer to “which hairstyle to select” “will this haircut suit me?” or “how would this look on me?” The most that we do is ask our barber to help us pick a haircut for our face structure and sometimes we over trust the stylist or he is not that of an expert in selecting the best haircut according to facial features and the results that we get are quite devastating.

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A haircuts adds an impression on your entire appearance. No matter how super elegant your attire is if your hair are not complementing your face you yourself won’t feel satisfied. This article will help you in understanding your face shape and will guide you in deciding the pre-eminent haircut for your face frame. Before that we also want to propose the best private men salon Mensch studio best men’s salon in New York with professional hair maestro Doron Bartfeld men’s hairdresser NYC who can assist you to choose the right men's hairstyle.

Picking the Right Haircut for Your Face

We will be covering the usual face structure that we see around us and the haircuts that aids to look mod, decent and top notch.

Haircuts for Oval Face

In oval face the length of face is prolong than the width of the cheekbones and a greater forehead with a jawline that is narrower and have rounded angles. This face cuts welcomes a lot of hairstyles and a variety of haircuts are an option keeping in consideration that the hair should not fall on forehead (avoid forward fringes) as it gives a rounded shape to face. Favorable haircuts for oval face are:

  • Textured Quiff with skin light fade

  • Comb over with a classic taper

  • Brushed up hair with short sides

  • Undercut with messy quiff or a slicked back undercut

  • Pompadour fade

  • Low fade with a brushed up top


Haircut for Round Face

A round face shape is one with softer angles with cheekbones and face length of same measurement. Forehead and jawline are also similar in measurement and smaller than cheekbones. The chin is rounded and the face contours are less defined. Round face needs a haircut that adds length, dimension and contours the face and gave a mature and manly appearance to the baby face, options are:

  • Faux hawk or spikes with low bald fade

  • Comb over with side parting

  • Pompadour or a Quiff with mild fade

  • Slicked back undercut

  • Long comb over with skin light fade

  • Side swept fringe with short sides

Haircut for Square Face

Square face has forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost in equal proportion. The face has nominal curves and a sharp jawline. This type of face cut requires hair that softens the look of jawline and is versatile enough to collaborate with any length of hair. Cuts that goes along square face are:

  • Undercut with a textured pompadour

  • Quiff with a high skin fade

  • A classic side part

  • Buzz cut or a crew cut

  • Slicked back with medium fade

  • Comb over with a skin light fade

Square face shape look best with beard. Check Men’s Beard Styles

Haircut for Rectangular Face

This face structure is often confused with oval shape. Oblong is also known as rectangular faced shape. In oblong face cut the face is greater in length than in width with forehead, cheeks and jaws quite equivalent in width. The forehead and chin could be more in length and cheeks are straight and not that fuller. A lot of hairstyles are an option but hair on the sides should not be faded too much and not too much volume on the top of head is required as it can make the face look even more long. Cuts that goes best with rectangle shaped face are:

  • Sleeked man bro bun

  • Side part haircuts or Comb over

  • Slicked back hairstyle with short hair

  • Messy hair with short length

  • A short textured pompadour

  • Crew or buzz cut

  • Textured French crop

Haircut for Triangular Face

In a triangular face cut the jawline is more in width than cheekbones while the forehead is smaller than the cheeks. It is also called “pear face” because the jawline is greater in width than forehead. Man with triangular facial feature needs haircut that adds volume on forehead and sides softening the jawline. Center parted hair and sleek hairstyles should be avoided. Some of the haircuts that suits best are:

  • A quiff with thick sides

  • A textured pompadour

  • Messy hair with medium length

  • Faux hawk

  • Side parted hair

  • Long and thick bangs

  • Comb over with medium fade

Haircut for Heart Face

Face structure with a large forehead with a widow’s peak (V-shaped hairline on forehead) and cheekbones alike in length and width to that of forehead with a pointed chin. Men with heart shaped face should go for these haircuts:

  • Layered quiff or brushed back layered hair

  • Textured fringe

  • Side swept with medium or long length

  • Mid length pompadour

  • Light volume sides with a front fringe

  • Bouncy pixie cut

Haircut for Diamond Face

Diamond face has cheekbones that are high and widest part of face with a pointed chin. Forehead is less in measurement than cheekbones and wider than the chin. This kind of facial forms support haircuts that creates volume on the top and provide a balanced look. Hair a bit longer in length always looks good plus you can rock a fringe look with this face cut. Some of the cuts are:

  • Angular or messy fringe

  • Side sweep

  • Textured crop

  • Messy or textured side parts

  • Comb over fade

  • Brushed up hairstyles

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