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Updated: May 29, 2020

Be it art and famous world museums like “Guggenheim Museum” or being the economic giant and economic capital of the world running Wall Street, World Trade Center and other such forums, New York has become the center of attraction all around the world having plenty of globally recognized icons. Fashion is yet another popular thing there and has made New York famous for being one of the World Fashion Capitals introducing new trends, methodologies and creative ideas into the World of Fashion. Whether its clothing, foot-ware, accessories, makeup, hair trends or beard styles New York has it all.

Like many other fashion flares one of the top grandeur in fashion is hair mania. You will find a plethora of ladies salon and abundance of barbershops for men in New York but what you won’t observe is enough “Private Men’s Salons.” Getting your hair treated in private barbershop is not just a luxury but it means that you care for yourself and your hair. One of the earliest and leading Men’s Salon in New York is Mensch Studio launched by Doron Bartfeld Best Barber NYC. Behind making this private barbershop he had a vision to make men aware of hair and beard styles. He saw the men of New York wearing expensive clothing and boots but their haircuts and beard shapes were indecorous and unbefitting. He introduced a private setup where he made available all the necessary hair facilities for men like haircutting, beard trimming, shaving, styling head and facial hairs etc.

After getting to know about Mensch Studio we also have a firm believe that private men’s salon are more serviceable and valuable than a general barbershop and we have all the correct reasons why:

Why to Opt Private Men’s Salon:


Thinking of someone touching your face and using razors, trimmers and scissors on it the first thing that a person want is tools to be sterilized because many infections are carried out to a person from using same apparatus again and again. Private men’s salon use clean and unsullied instruments for every customer. Not just the appliances but the hygiene of seats, room and overall place is maintained properly. While executing the job keeping themselves neat, well kept and clean it their utmost priority as it makes that client satisfied and a repeated customer.


Another important and pleasing thing in the salon is its aura. To create a quality ambiance a lot of things play their part. The tidiness of the place, the outlet with catchy yet comfortable furnishing, the right color coordination, proper yet soothing atmosphere, moderate temperature and lightening with a perfect relaxing music all of this and other are key elements for the right impression of your hair studio.

Professional experts

Such hair spas have professionally trained hairstylists and barbers. They have spent years into field learning and polishing their skills. They know exactly what men’s beard style will suit your attire and help you in choosing the right haircut for your face structure. They handle every stroke of the blade with supreme care and keep their hand gentle while performing the task. These professionals have a perfect knowledge of using the correct styling product for your hair type as not every ingredient goes with every hair form. They have experts who know how to deal with wavy, thick, curly and unruly hair.

Consultation appointment

Private salons offer consultations before getting into the process to get to know your demands and desires for your hair or beard style and also to look into the condition, structure and form of your hair in detail so that when they begin the treatment they have the exact knowledge of what has to be done and which products should be applied. Some of the private barbershops offer free consultations while for others you have to pay but both of them are worth the visit. Attending this consultation session is important to satisfy yourself and gets all your worries and questions solved.

Upgraded skills and methodology

Hair experts at private parlors constantly improve and enhance their techniques and skills. They attend the latest workshops and demonstrations to learn more about the new swing in the hair and beard style. The gain the understanding of recently developed approaches to treat hair and before attempting it on the real client they master the skill on the dummies and wigs.

Knowledge of updated style and fashion

Trends of haircuts, hairstyles, beard shapes or face and head shave each of them are constantly changing and brand new styles are entering the fashion industry. These salons have up to date awareness about the popular haircuts for men, in demand beard styles, tending mustaches and shaves. These stylists know which classical style is making its come back with a touch of modernity and how to make that style completely yours.

Take care of client’s need

Every business is successful when they care for the needs of their customer. A salon only becomes well reputed and men’s favorite when they think they are heard and importance is given to their view and preferences. In private salon’s clients are not less than a God, every service provider is at their service and gives him his whole attention and carry out the work with total attentiveness. The customer is provided with light drink, tea ,coffee or alcoholic beverage from time to time and for every task there is its expert who offers you with the best experience of your life in treating your hair. When clients have such a good encounter they put their trust in them and become regular service takers.

Custom or signature styles

No matter if it is dressing, accessories makeup or anything else who does not like to have custom offers? It makes you feel important and confident. If you are not sure about putting yourself in the traditional or modern hair or beard styles you can ask your hair stylist for a signature style. The professional hair expert will provide you with a haircut that makes you stand out and a beard or mustache that goes perfectly with your personality.

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