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Updated: May 29, 2020

The Goatee

The word “Goatee” was used to indicate the clump of hair on the chin until the 20th century. From there this beard got its name. A classic goatee beard has facial hair grown just on the chin sometimes connected to the mustache but usually left separate. To set a perfect goatee let your facial hair grow for few days until they reach the length of 10mm. Cut the edges and residual hair on cheeks also straight razor shave the neck up to the point that there is one inch space between the beard hair and Adam’s apple.

Goatee might not be every one’s go to beard style it looks good with men having strong jaw line with square face. Goatee does add character to the beard but it needs constant maintenance by shave on the cheeks and creating edges.

Pencil Beard

This beard style is popular among youth and even goes along with slightly elder men. The facial hair are well formed and well proportionate all along the beard. A typical pencil beard can be formed by allowing facial hair to grow, neatly shaving all the excess hair and just leaving a thin line of pencil width beard on chin and jawline up to the sideboards. Usually a pencil beard is as wide as the sideburns but you can always experiment with it by choosing what suits best with your face.

You can simply opt for a classic pencil beard or can include a pencil mustache to it. This mustache can be connected or disconnected. An attach mustache with beard looks good when both are thin but if you want to go for a wider pencil beard try a disjoining mustache.

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The Balbo

Balbo is a quintessential and classic beard style came into existence by an Italian public figure Italo Balbo. This beard style has become popular and liked by many. Its shape is also known as an inverted T in which hair are grown on chin in T shape with a mustache separate by an inch. Balbo usually covers the area of chin but few men like to extend it on the jawline. The side whiskers and excess hair on face are carefully shaved thus giving the Balbo definite edges.

Balbo suits every face type but looks best on men with diamond and square shaped face. It comes in all the lengths from very short to long depending upon what goes with your face.


Hollywoodian Beard

Also known as “Extended Goatee” this beard is a style statement and one of a kind. It gives a sexy and manly appeal if created properly. Facial hair are supposed to be fully grown for 3 to 4 weeks then side burns are removed with a trimmer to keep a good distance between hairline and beard on the jawline. Thoroughly grown mustache is linked to the facial hair in hollywoodian beard.

This beard is looks superior with men having fully grown facial hair with no patches and more preferred for men with square shaped face.

The Stubble

The stubble beard is one of the sexiest and loved beards and yet not that difficult to achieve, still if you are in doubt visit private men salon to achieve that perfect shadow beard. It is also known as a 3 day beard but trust me it is not just that it requires the effort to shape the boundaries of the hairline and trim down the facial hair up to the point of precision which is not too long nor too short.


Short boxed Beard

If taking care of long beards is not your thing and you find it difficult to maintain them but you still want a full beard look “short boxed beard” can be your knack. This beard mostly goes with all face types giving coverage to whole face that gives a masculine look. Men of all ages prefer and easily adapt this beard style. It is low maintenance but still needs to neaten the outline which can be done after every few weeks or a month.

Short boxed beard is a great, effortless and elegant practice for men with a busy routine. Another benefit of this beard is that is can be styled in various ways and it has no specific length. You can pick a high boxed beard in which the facial hair bend towards the mouth from middle of the ears and the hair are more dense whereas in a low boxed beard the hairline is defined with proper edges and the facial hair curves from the end of the ear and meets with the hair on chin.

The Olde English

Men who prefer long, lush and filled up beard should seek an attempt to create the Olde English. It gives a daring, ripe and manly look to the attire. A classic Olde English provides full facial coverage. The hair edges are nicely trimmed giving both a rugged and groomed appearance. Facial hair on side burns are kept short and narrow in width granting access to the hair on jawline, chin and slight area on neck to grow fully.

Though this beard style looks stupendous with all face types but men with weak jawline and chin should pick out this one.

Hipster Beard

If you are looking for a bold, macho and daring beard hipster can be your type. It looks best with men having thick and busy facial hair. A good thing about this beard is that it befits every face type and also gives advantage to men with patchy facial hair as the length covers the area. These beards have always been in style and were originated back in history. Even to this time men pull off this style and look heroic.

A traditional hipster beard needs groomed and well maintained crammed facial hair. For growing it usually the first step is to face shave and then allowing hair to get bigger which usually takes quite a lot of time and patience. Keep the hair development in a symmetry by trimming the edges. Once the beard is fully bloomed style it accordingly. A standard hipster is accompanied by a lush, thick and with properly curled end mustache.

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