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Dealing with some hair types and keeping them healthy, properly trimmed and smartly styled on everyday basis often gets very tricky for men. These hair kinds include thick, frizzy or unruly hair, wavy and on the top comes the curly ones. In the pursuit of handling these hair and constantly trying to manage and pull off a nice look makes us tired, irritated and disheartened.

If your hair comprise in one of these categories (thick, unruly, wavy or curly hair) this article can be your ultimate guide in finding you new ways to keep your hair tamed and modestly styled.

Wavy Hair

Natural wavy hair gives a sexy look and works best for men wanting messy hairdos. Some men with straight hair ask for adding layers to make their hair wavy. Wavy hair looks awesome only when they are kept well or else they give a rugged appearance.

How to Manage Wavy Hair?

Dealing with the Dryness

When wavy hair becomes dry they get frizzy, rough and give a damaged appearance. Nourishing your wavy hair is rudimentary for that use hydrating shampoos and conditioners. Further massage essential oils (almond, argon, olive oil etc.) on your scalp once a week from where the hair gets its due nutrition and remain settled. Waves only seem alluring when they are nicely tamed.

Pat Dry

Next a very important step is to dry out your hair correctly. Never rub your hair against the towel because when hair are wet they are more delicate and are more prone to breakage. Always pat dry your hair and also do not over use a dryer as it takes away even the necessary moisturizer.

Styling products

For making your wavy hair attractive put those products on your hair that add volume to the waves (sea salt spray) and use clay or pomades that give light hold and are matte.


If you want a visible wavy hair look go for long waves. It comes with versatile haircut options like wavy slicked back, men’s beachy waves and wavy quiff. If you like keeping short hair you can side parts, wavy fringes, windswept wavy bangs. You can also add undercut, tapper or faded sides to any of the cut.

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Curly Hair

Looks desirable, attractive and playable curly hair is the most seductive yet trickiest hair type to handle. It needs regular nurturing, care and patience to deal with curly hair.

How to Manage Curly Hair?


Curly hair gets frizzy, dry and brittle easily and require constant nourishment. Do not over use a shampoo, only once or twice a week is enough. Put dry shampoo if necessary. Using vitamin E serums and hydrating leave in creams is also a key element to maintain proper curls. Putting DIY hair mask also does wonders to curls. One of such mask is made up of egg, yogurt and a tea spoon of vinegar.

Detangling and combing

Always brush your curly hair while they are still wet otherwise you will witness a hair bomb. Towel dry your hair and put coconut oil or any other leave in curling cream in your hair. For distributing it equally in your hair use a comb with wide tooth and start detangling by combing the ends first and gradually come to the top.

Styling products

A pro tip for styling curly hair is to use hair products that provide low hold and do not make the hair look hard and crispy. Products should be alcohol free so that hair do not get dry.


You need a professional barber of a private men’s salon one like Doron Bartfeld best men’s hairstylist owner at MENSCH STUDIO in New York city to deal with your curly hair. Haircut that suit curls are: messy curly quiff, short choppy curls, man bun and heavy angular fringe with undercut sides.

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Thick Hair

If you are the one with thick hair you might have heard men round you praising that thickness. Though having thick hair looks like a dream to some men but the struggle it takes every day to put them in place and grappling to deal with the puffiness is real.

How to Manage Thick Hair?


The fundamental rule to make hair manageable and split ends free is to moisturize them properly. Invest in good moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and serums that have sufficient vitamins, proteins and folate to keep your hair nourished. Use a generous amount of conditioner and comb it evenly throughout the hair. Leave it for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Trying out home remedies for hydrating your hair is a very good and economical idea.

Hair Products

Not every hair product is designed for every hair form. For thick hairs use vitamin and mineral rich hair styling products that fights with the dullness and dryness by locking in the moisturizer. Stay away from products that adds volume and use the ones that provides hold to the hair without extra shine.


Chopping them off is the easiest, simple to style and looks elegant. You can keep them as short as a buzz cut or can add a bit length and make them into high and tight. There are several other options like long top with tapered or faded sides, quiff, slicked back hair styles and messy thick hair styles.

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Unruly Hair

Born with unruly hair and dealing with them on every day basis is quite a tough job. It is not easy to look dashing and chic with that hair type but also it is not impossible. A little tips and tricks for managing your unruly hair can make them feasible.

How to Manage Unruly Hair?

Manage frizz

First step comes to manage the frizz, if you succeed at this point you are good to go with further setting and styling. After washing your hair with paraben free shampoo and conditioner start with towel drying you hair and while they are still a little wet apply soothing moisturizing cream or serum and spread it evenly in your hair. If you are facing hair thinning try putting fenugreek seed mask once or twice a week.

Styling product

Make use of styling products that are hydrating and provide Medium to high shine pomade with a desirable hold. Avail heat style only when it is mandatory.


Keep your hair start so that they are manageable and give a sophisticated look. You can go with tapered or faded sides by adding bit of a length on top. Getting your hair trimmed frequently will provide a fresh and healthy look.

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