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5 Trendy Men's Hairdos That Will Redefine Your Image

Updated: May 29, 2020


Fashion can be as fleeting as fireworks. What might be trending now may be passé tomorrow. This year, the big four Fashion Weeks around the world--New York, London, Milan, and Paris--offered a mix of loud, subdued, chic, and outrageous styles that aimed to set the fashion trend for the season.

However, none of these street styles, leopard prints, and haute couture will elevate your style if you don't have the hairdo to show for it. Doron Bartfeld, founder of Mensch Hair Studio knows that by heart. Redefine your image with these five hairstyles en vogue with the latest fashion trends we've compiled for you.


A notorious hairstyle of the '90s is making a chic comeback. With voluminous, thick, wavy hair, you can pull off a trendy curtains do with a good hairstylist. This now-classic hairdo sported by Timothée Chalamet and Keanu Reeves exudes an air of sophistication without the bad boy band-retro feel. Having a personal hairdresser or showing your barber a reference photo can help you achieve this look

Wet Look

This tricky style can either make or break your image. Do it wrong and you may look like someone spilled a bucket of water over you. Do it right and you got a post-surf-looking, glossy hairdo. This upscale-like hairstyle pairs well with a sartorial, gentlemanly look. The wet look trend is a Fashion Week staple that never dies due to its classic, timeless feel.


A hairstyle with edge you didn't expect to walk in the hallowed catwalks of the big four fashion capitals. This '90s throwback do is in spirit of Kurt Cobain's classy aesthetic, seen in some models of fashion houses Prada and Marni. Subdued yet sharp, the grunge will surely uplift your style and sensibility when coupled with a striking or subtle look.


From bowl cuts to middle-parts, bangs are definitely in season. Fringe cuts of various lengths and styles were heavily seen in the SS20 shows during London Fashion Week. Instead of having a buzzcut or slicked back, why not let your hair down and simplify your style? This is a perfect do that complements street style or even high fashion.

Side part

Parting your hair to the side remains stylish as ever. Some even do rather extreme or deep side parts and still deliver an elegant, fashionable look on the runway. This is a simple, gender-neutral hairstyle anyone can rock effortlessly. You can let your natural waves flow. Or make them grungy. Or keep it nice and tight. But what's most important is to make sure it works.

Fashion trends won't look good without the right hairdo to make it work. Your hair, after all, is your crowning glory, so your hairstyle better bring out the royalty in you.

Finding the right stylist that can perfectly execute trendy looks can be tricky. Mensch Hair Studio's Doron Bartfeld knows that struggle. As the favorite men's hair salon in New York, we seamlessly combine traditional barbering and high-end hairdressing to help you refine your image and elevate your style.

Visit us today.

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