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To look cool, classy and stylish our hair plays a major part. Neatly cut, well maintained and healthy looking hair outlines you in your league. Among all the haircuts we will discuss here few top market hairstyles that are always in demand in men’s salon NYC.

High Brush up Haircut

Hair on the top are brushed upward with the help of wax, mousse and hair dryer while hair at the sides and lower head are kept short, from normal to skin light fade. The hair are brushed in a messy way and it looks dapper when the hair at the top are of minimum 4 inches and max of 6 inches. This hairstyle is one of the trendiest and worn by many celebrities and cherished by young and middle age men. It suits with men having volume to their hair. Though it requires time to time maintenance but a simple wax and hairdryer at home can also pull off the look.

Low Mid and High Fade Haircuts

No matter how many haircuts are introduced a fade will always be gleaming. It comes in many forms and is often combined with other haircuts, fade on the sides and lower head and pompadour, messy look, brushed up or quiff at the top. High, mid, low, bald or skin light every fade has its own charm but as this haircut is a technical one select a private men’s salon with skilled barbers like mensch studio best barbershop in NYC and let the hairdresser help you in CHOOSING THE RIGHT HAIRCUT FOR YOUR FACE STRUCTURE. In fade cut hair are gradually decreasing from the top to the lower end, depending upon the type of fade you choose but a skin light fade looks good when there is not much of a difference in the color of your neck and scalp.

Slick Back Haircut

A classic slicked back haircut looks so well groomed, neat and crispy. Be it formal or causal event nothing looks more definite and fine than a slicked back haircut. In modern era this style is often combined with undercut, fade and taper cuts on sides and medium or long hair on the top to give it a good slicked back finish. For this cut it is must to have hair products like wax, pomade or clay to add shine to your sleeked hair. You can also opt for matte products but a little shine deems vintage.

Messy Look Haircut

Want an easy yet sexy and in fashion hairstyle go for messy haircut. This style comes in for all length of hair. Men look super-hot in short messy hair, medium messy hair gives a classic cool attire for a casual night out and long messy hair is opted by rebellious and creative men. Trust me it is more than a bed head, it requires a proper cut that looks chic in everyday styling. This cut goes best for men having a little curly or wavy hair. Start with a product that adds volume to your hair and for best effortless look comb it with your fingers and give a touch of low hold styling product at the ends of your hair.

Comb Over

Another trendy, popular and fashionable haircut that looks good with almost everyone. Some barbers also name it as side part because the hair are combed to one side with a hard side part. A normal short to medium length comb over is a good option for people with busy schedule as it is low maintenance but it is also often combined with other cuts like fade, pompadour and slick back. It comes in many forms having versatile styling ideas. It also gives a modish look to men having curly hair.


Classic Tapper

A classic taper is stylish, in demand and also very comfortable hairstyle with low maintenance. Though the modern versatility has added new and up to date styles to it by blending other haircuts with it. In a classic taper, hair are short around the head not too short like fade but a half inch length gradually decreasing near the end of hair line and the top of head has bit longer hair. Depending upon your choice there can be a clear disconnection between upper head and sides or it can be a blending effect.

Ivy League

A relaxed, trouble free and sophisticated haircut easy to manage and suitable to almost all face types. Ivy league is also known as Harvard clip and it is said that it is a variation of crew cut, with having a little more hair and a side part. It no doubt gives a stylish and elegant look. The modern variations of ivy league also comes in with long hair on top and sides kept shorter or fade, layered or textured hair all around the head and undercut or messy hair. It gives a fancy look to men with curly hair.

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Fringe Haircut

Fringe hairstyles are trending and gives a mod chic appearance when kept rightly. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but a very well choice for men when big foreheads and long face cuts. A fringe should be chosen carefully as it may change the whole look of your face. Before deciding the cut keep in mind the length, volume and shape of fringe (round or angular) plus the natural texture and natural fall of your hair. Discuss the desired fringe with your hairdresser and select the best one from the abundance of fringe cuts.

Ponytail Haircuts

A ponytail, men bun or nubbin can be a very stylish, hot and classy hairstyle. Men who like to keep their hair long grabbing your hair in a ponytail can be a fantastic idea. Well making a ponytail does not mean to simply allow your hair to grow it requires real effort to keep them healthy and maintained. A ponytail looks best with a proper stylish haircut, it can be a pompadour with long hair at top with side fade or shaved sides ponytail, braided undercut with ponytail or a messy hairdo with folded top not. A classic ponytail looks best with a beard.

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